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GISICA LTD - Your Partner when Big Scale Lidar Data Processing is Needed

We provide a dedicated professional service dealing with the key members of your team. Our expertise consists of Image and LiDAR processing, Orthophotography and other LiDAR services. We can organize, take control and manage every aspect of a project, which gives increased financial and resource flexibility to our customers. 

As a service provider, we provide consultancy and guidance on project design, set-up and execution, specification development and workflow implementation both in production and quality control, project reviews and assessments that aim to find efficiency savings. Given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the global economy, organisations need to be flexible. Our services help your company to stay flexible, save time and resources.

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We are your partner when big scale LiDAR data processing is needed. We are a solution specialist that provides our customers with point cloud data processing services. 

You can find more information concerning our services from here. 

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buildings and a tree
City Planning

The Post-Pandemic City

Cities are quiet, office buildings are dark, and shopkeepers are closing their brick-and-mortar stores. This dystopian sight has become the new normal during the two last years. The Covid-19 pandemic hit us hard last year. Currently, no country has escaped the effects of the deadly virus. Not only are citizens in danger of this highly infectious and deadly disease, but it also has had a devastating effect on the global economy.

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Voyage Through Space

The 12th of April is the International Day of Human Space Flight. There are very good reasons why this day should be celebrated. Thanks to the very first human space flight, a new era started. On April 12th, 1961, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union became the first human to travel to space, thus making Vostok 1 the first human spaceflight.
After the first human spaceflight, a new era started not only in space, but also on the earth.

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Female Engineers

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has never been the same as this year. As we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, events and gatherings don’t take place. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day should therefore not come as a surprise: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world”. Today we celebrate the tremendous efforts by women and girls shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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