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We believe that doing the right thing on every project has far-reaching effects!

Gisica Ltd is Finnish company, launched operations in 2018. Today we are leading a platform of over 40 collaborators to focus on providing the full spectrum of geospatial project management and technical services. 

We provide a dedicated professional service dealing with key members of your team. We have considerable expertise in Image and Lidar processing, Orthophoto and so on. We can organize, take control and manage every aspect of a project, which gives increased (financial and resource) flexibility with all the benefits that brings to our customers.

We also provide consultancy and guidance on project design, set-up and execution, specification development and workflow implementation both in production and quality control, project reviews and assessments with a view to finding efficiency savings. Given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the global economy and organisations need to be flexible, more and more businesses are opting for such options as offered by us.

In addition, we have a range of options for low cost offshore data processing – many companies find this invaluable for “low Dollar” tasks freeing staff to undertake more high value work. Or indeed some organisations we worked with have embedded workflows or parts of workflows offshore (manual data validation), in essence whatever parts of the process will yield the most value being performed in a low-cost environment.

we would be delighted to answer any questions regarding our services and background, for further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We believe that doing the right thing on every project has far-reaching effects.

Moral Commitment

We act fairly, deliver high-quality professional services and treat our clients, partners and team members as we wish to be treated.


we don’t just follow standards, codes and best practices, we are developing them…


We partner with our clients to help them understand their options, choose the right solutions and achieve their objectives in a cost-effective way.