GIsica ltd

Solution specialist

We are processing laser scanned data and images using Terrasolid software top of Microstation. The delivery format and coordinate system are decided according to customer’s requirements. Nonetheless the delivered format and coordinate system could be modified in the future depending on experience of use and the development of needs.

We commit to keep optimizing our customer’s comprehension to provide offers meet your needs and expectations, For further information please contact us.

LiDAR data calibration

- Airborne and mobile laser data calibration - Orthophotos calibration - Mobile system camera calibration

LiDAR data classification

Laser point cloud classification and manual class editing

Terrain modelling

- Digital Ground Model - Digital Elevation Model - Digital Surface Model

LiDAR data modelling

Drawing creation as built documentation - Linear vectorization from LiDAR data and aerial imagery - 3D model generation - Models, contours and volumes calculation