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We process laser scanned data and images with Terrasolid software using a CAD software platform called Microstation. The delivery format and coordinate system are decided according to our customer’s specific requirements. The delivered format and coordinate system can be modified in the future depending on the customer’s development needs. We are committed to offer services that meet our customer’s needs and expectations.

Our Services

  • Airborne and mobile laser data calibration
  • Orthophotos calibration 
  • Mobile system camera calibration 
  • Laser point cloud classification and manual class editing 

For example in Peat Production mass calculations are used to calculate the mass of peat and gravel.

Mass Calculations can be calculated using

  • Point Cloud Data
  •  UAV Images
  • DTM is a three – dimensional representation of a terrain surface
  • It includes heights, elevations and other geographical elements and natural features such as rivers and forests
  • DSM represents the earth’s surface and therefore includes all objects on it
  • DEM  refers to a raster or regular grid of spot heights. A raster can be a digital aerial photograph, imagery from a satellite, a digital picture or even a scanned map
  • Extract edge features or line-shaped objects: From photogrammetry, such as single images, stereo images or multiple images
  • Planar feature extraction: Often relies on texture recognition and therefore recommended to acquire from laser point clouds
  • Contours are lines along which the surface orientation sharply
    changes. They are important features for structuring point clouds.
  • With the help of contours, one can convert the point clouds into high-quality surface or solid models, which are widely used in graphics and mapping applications.
  • Orthophoto is a geometrically corrected aerial photograph or satellite imagery that is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface.
  • An Orthophoto is adjusted for topographic relief, camera tilt and distortions caused by the lens.

Our Orthophoto Production Services include:

  • Base layer maps for GIS
  • Geo-referencing
  • Construction of Orthophoto Mosaics
  • Digitization and transformation between digital formats
  • Orthophoto color balancing, seam-line editing and tile cutting
  • We produce Trimble Locus 3D base maps that are compatible with LOD2 level roof vectors.
  • The Open Point Cloud from the National Land Survey can be used, but the best result is obtained from a more dense point cloud
  • We can make a cross-comparison between building points and point cloud-rated buildings if the construction points are available.
  • In addition, missing stone foot vectors can be generated by standard indentation roof vectors. 

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Want to get a sample of our Data Processing Services? Request a Demo customized for your own specific needs. ​

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