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We are a solution specialist that provides our customers with point cloud data processing services. These services include calibration, classification, a wide range of analysis based on point clouds, orthophoto production, object extraction, and 3D vectorization from point clouds. 

Laser scanned data and images are processed by our GIS Specialists using Terrasolid Software and Microstation. The coordinate system and delivery format are decided according to the customer’s requirements. We are committed to provide our customers services that meet their expectations.  

Our main expertise consists of Image and LiDAR processing, Orthophotograpy and other LiDAR services. We can organize, take control and manage every aspect of a project. As a service provider, we provide consultancy and guidance on project design, set-up and execution and specification development. We implement a workflow that is suitable for production and quality control and we make project reviews and assessments that aim to find efficiency savings. Our services help your company to stay flexible, save time and resources.  

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3D Tours

3D Tours are an easy, spectacular and cost-effective way to present your space. 3D Tours saves time, improves your Internet visibility and accelerates your sales. The 3D Space can also be viewed in VR. 

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Want to get a sample of our Data Processing Services? Request a Demo customized for your own specific needs. ​

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