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The founders of Gisica Ltd, Moufida Dkhili and Matti Keskinarkaus, met by chance in Espoo, Southern Finland, in 2017. Both were participating in Terrasolid’s training course. Terrasolid is a Finnish software developing company that focuses on software development for processing airborne and mobile LiDAR data and images. Terrasolid provides versatile and very capable applications for surveyors, civil engineers, designers and planners to mention a few. During the course Matti and Moufida realised that they had a lot in common – both have worked as GIS Specialists and both had extensive experience in LiDAR processing.

After the course, Moufida Dkhili returned to Tunisia and Matti Keskinarkaus went back to his native Rovaniemi. Despite the distance, they remained in contact. It did not take long for them to come up with the idea to form a company together. Even though the geographical distance of 4673.5 kilometers (around 2904 miles) might seem like a big distance for many, for these virtual nomads it was not an obstacle.

As both are very tech-savvy, working together entirely online was a no-brainer. In April 2018, Gisica Ltd was established.

                                 Moufida Dkhili and Matti Keskinarkaus in Rovaniemi

The Story behind the Company Name and Logo

It was important for both Matti and Moufida to find a name that would best describe them and the business. After some pondering, they came up with the name Gisica which consists of two parts: GIS and Ica.

GIS represents the industry. GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. It has become a widely known acronym explaining works related to capturing and analysing spatial and geographic data.

The “Ica” ending comes from the word Africa, as Africa represents an important part of the company. The branch offices are in Tunisia.

When creating the logo for Gisica, Moufida wanted to emphasize the meaning behind the name of the company. The idea was to create a logo that would be able to tell the story behind the company’s name. 

Gisica logo

What services does Gisica offer to its customers?

Gisica is basically a solution specialist. The company provides its customers with point cloud data processing services. These services include calibration, classification, a wide range of analysis based on point clouds, orthophoto production, object extraction, and 3D vectorization from point clouds.

As the specialists working at Gisica use mainly Terrasolid Softwares, it gives tools to work on various projects. Experts at Gisica can work from the LiDAR data required by the customer or even produce lidar data for them. Other kinds of productions from LiDAR data are also being offered.

Gisica’s customers vary from laser scanning companies to municipalities and include also construction companies. The customer group consists of entities that need specific and high-quality data from point clouds.

Introducing you to the “Gisicans”

“The values Gisicans share are integrity, competence and teamwork.”

Gisica was established in 2018. Already then, it was clear that a branch in Tunisia would be opened to strengthen the link between Finland and Tunisia. Gisica’s Tunisia branch office was founded in February 2019. Currently there are over 40 Gisicans – two working in Finland and the majority in Tunisia.

The values Gisicans share are integrity, competence and teamwork. Gisicans are known for being committed experts that strife to ensure that the customer’s goals are being met.  Gisicans aim not only to do the job, but also to look for solutions that add more value for the customer. 

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Address: Aittatie 3, 96100 Rovaniemi
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Address: 3 Rue Militant Ali Chehimi, 2050 Hammam-Lif
Available 9am to 3pm (Local Time): Arabic, French, English

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